About Fundathlon

About Fundathlon
February 16, 2017 Makis

The idea behind Fundathlon is the result of my experiences as a high-performance athlete (swimming and water polo), sports administrator, coach (volunteer), sports media professional, and digital marketer.

Having spent the first half of my life in Greece and the second half in Canada, personal challenges brought me back to my homeland – at a time of unprecedented socio-economic crisis not only in Greece but also in Europe and around the world.

Although there are no in-depth reports (national or global) as far as the impact of these socio-economic conditions on sport at all levels, there is no doubt that more than ever before, athletes (and their families), teams (amateur and professional) as well as sport organisations are faced with overwhelming financial challenges.

While I was going through some major changes in my personal life I couldn’t help but absorb what was going on in the world and around me. Therefore, I decided to start a new business venture in the areas about which I’m most passionate: sport and the Internet. After much research, I found a gap in the area of sport fundraising via the Internet and that’s how Fundathlon was founded.

Sport is a way of life, and “athlon” (αθλον) does not only mean “prize” (after a victory) but also struggle and hard work (victorious or not). Fundathlon’s mission is to help athletes, teams, and organisations achieve their goals in sport and beyond.

I welcome you all to support Fundathlon and be part of its journey!